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Screwing or gluing?

Mounting materials can be done in two different ways. Some professionals are using screws and bolts on a daily base. Others, on the contrary, use a glue gun. But what’s the best thing to do?

There are quite a few differences between these two methods. A glue is much more flexible than a mechanical attachment. Working with adhesives means you don’t have any troubles with noise pollution, vibrations or dust. Very convenient when you are working at people’s homes. Furthermore, a glue spreads the power to the whole surface of the materials attached to each other.

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A glue is often an easier product to work with, but not in every situation. When a surface is not dust free or dry, it’s prudent to use your screw-driver or drill.

Gluecom also has an assembly adhesive to offer: MX 11000 is a PU adhesive which is perfectly suitable to bond several materials (wood, metal, stone, plastic, concrete, PU foam, rockwool,…) to each other.