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Merrixine 6000 is a Healthier, Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly alternative for UF adhesive.

Do you glue veneer on various substrates? Or do you need an adhesive with a more filling capacity to glue multiplex or triplex? Then we have good news; Gluecom has developed an environmentally friendly and healthier replacement for UF glue.

One of the several advantages of the formaldehyde free D3 adhesive, is that it’s a ‘ready to use’ glue without any trace of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical substance that causes respiratory irritation and is proven to be carcinogenic for the throat and nasal passages by the WHO. As the MX 6000 is ready to use – The time-consuming mixing and weighing of liquids and powers that you would have to do with a traditional UF is completely removed.  

The MX 6000 is pH neutral: i.e., there is no risk of discoloration when hot pressing, (compared to ordinary D3 adhesives). With MX 6000 you can work with the same pressing time and pressing temperature as with UF adhesives, giving you the same results with no adjustment to your manufacturing process.  

In addition to being much more environmentally friendly the MX 6000 is more economically friendly, processing and collection of wastewater is much more cost effective in comparison to traditional UF waste water.
The adhesive can be applied like a classic D3 glue, you don't have to take special precautions for this. The difference is that a UF becomes brittle and hard, whereas the MX6000 remains a thermoplastic.

MX 6000 is ideal for veneer, by increasing the viscosity of the adhesive, the chance of glue penetration (especially with thin veneer) decreases considerably. The glue can be hot or cold pressed. There whereas UF is more a thermohardener, and ideally needs to be hot pressed to activate the adhesive.

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